Loft conversion – 10 design ideas

  • 14 Jul 2017
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Loft conversion is a great idea if you want to add extra space to your house. Whether you’re thinking about adding an extra bedroom, playroom or bathroom – there are tons of amazing designs just waiting for you to use them. This will help add extra value to your house, without losing precious garden space. Take a look at these ideas and figure out how to handle your own dream conversion!

  1. Bathroom


    If you have little space to work with, this small yet quiet and relaxing bathroom can be a great addition to your house. White walls and metal elements are fresh and comforting – just what you need to start a new day with great energy!

  2. Bedroom

    Bedroom (

    The calming atmosphere of this loft bedroom is sure to make your nights very peaceful. Everything here maintains a steady colour scheme, keeping a simple yet elegant approach. Delicate accessories light up the space without making it feel flamboyant.

  3. Office


    It’s difficult to find just the right balance between decorative and practical in a single room. Here is the perfect example of combining the best of both worlds. In a space like this, work can be done in no time, and ideas will pop into your head on the spot – everything is within arm’s reach in this creative and spacious loft.

  4. Room for kids

    Room for kids

    Every kid wants a space they can call their own and play make-believe in. Converting a loft into such a space is possible – just remember to give the kids lots of space in the middle (keep the furniture near the walls) and create many places where you can hide and play out fantastic stories – this will be a perfect place to help develop your kids imagination.

  5. Wardrobe

    Wardrobe (

    Converting loft into wardrobe can help save a huge amount of space in your bedroom. In a place planned as such, you will have more distance between your clothing, maybe even making your morning ritual more diverse by spending some time in separate room where you can carefully plan what to wear.

  6. A place to relax

    Place to relax

    Create time for yourself in this quiet and cosy room. Everybody needs to recharge alone sometimes and such a place is perfect for that. Grab a book, play your favourite music, and relax.

  7. Kitchen

    Kitchen (

    If you are planning on having wooden features in your kitchen, using a loft as the kitchen space can help add some light into the room. High windows will light up the muted colours and give this room some extra space.

  8. Library

    Library (

    Ever dreamed of your own place to hide and plunge into your favourite book? If so, this is the idea for you. This eclectic room keeps things cohesive, giving the loft a magical charm with the huge bookshelf in the back and dimmed lights.

  9. Living room

    Living room

    Such a spacious and well lit living room is a perfect addition to your home, and and a sound alternative to a typical ground floor living room. You can treat it like a separate room for family relaxation.

  10. Guest bedroom

    Guest bedroom

    Craft a modern, sophisticated space for your guests, so they can rest well and have a little privacy when visiting you. This type of loft space, with muted colours, filled with soft fabrics and a touch of greenery will keep anyone comfortable.