Hip to gable conversionThere are a number of ways to go about loft conversion that go beyond a simple loft refurbishment. One of the most popular choices nowadays are hip to gable loft conversions. It’s a simple yet effective way to greatly enhance the space available to you on your property.


However, while the process carries a number of benefits, you shouldn’t simply decide on it blind. Keep reading to find out just how hip to gable loft conversion works and find out if it is for you.


A hip to gable loft conversion involves the refurbishment of the side roof area of your home. Most properties in the UK have a regular ‘hipped‘ roof with a sloping side. As a result, the actual space left for the loft is incredibly limited. Without touching the roof, it becomes incredibly challenging to perform a loft conversion without implementing a house extension.

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Gable roof
Hip to gable conversion extends your property on the sloping side by completely replacing the sloped roof with a vertical wall – this is called a gable. The gable has the same height as the ridge and the space between the floor and the ridge is completely filled by the wall. This provides you with enough space to do anything with, though the most popular choices remain home offices, play areas, or additional lounge space. If the roof of your home slopes on two sides, you can convert them both adding even more space to your loft. Keep in mind, however, that this type of conversion is not suitable for mid-terraces houses due to the fact that they do not have a hip-end roof, but certain end-terraced houses, bungalows, and chalets should be perfectly suited. In order to achieve maximum space all-around, try combining your hip to gable conversion with a rear dormer loft conversion.


Planning Permission

When it comes to the regulations surrounding hip to gable loft conversion, there isn’t much to worry about. Since 2008, under normal circumstances no planning permission is required for a typical hip to gable loft conversion. This is because in 2008 a law was passed that allows UK homeowners to conduct smaller development and extension work without notifying authorities. It is worth contacting them, however, to make sure if the local planning policy affects your planned extension in any way, as there are some councils that have still not approved the aforementioned law.


If you’ve already conducted a number of developments on your property, such as an extension, a conservatory, etc., or if your planned conversion is particularly large, you might need planning permission for your hip to gable loft conversion. Always consult your Local Authority beforehand to make sure you meet all the necessary requirements in your area.


Hip to gable extensions are an incredibly smart way of extending the space available to you in your home!

Whether it’s a detached or semi-detached house, chalet, or bungalow. If you decide to perform this activity on a single-storey home, however, make sure that the building’s structure is enough to cope with the strain that the conversion involves. The roof also needs to be a sufficient height in order to provide you with the appropriate living space. The amount of time that the process involves greatly depents on the size of your home and the team working on it, though usually things don’t take longer than five to six weeks. The costs start at around £36 thousand, but the actual price you’ll have to pay varies depending on the size of your roof, its design complecity, etc. Contact us to find out how much your conversion job will cost before you decide on your service.


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