Top 3 Stunning Loft Conversions

  • 04 Jan 2018
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Loft conversions have become incredibly popular of late, and for good reason! They’re an incredibly practical way of increasing your living space, as you don’t need to add building space to your side or excavate in the ground to get more underground area – all you have to do is just tweak that unused space you have at the attic!

But just because the procedure has become commonplace doesn’t mean it’s one-note. There are plenty of ideas out there that you can use for inspiration, and we at Change Over can help you bring those ideas to life. Here are three spectacular ideas for loft conversions that may just be what you’re looking for!

  • A great view

  source: pinterest

One of the greatest things about a loft conversion is that you can fully capitalise on the fact that your new room is high up! Implement a slight extension and connect a large, wall-spanning window to a skylight and enjoy a room that not only looks big, but also gets tons of light! Perfect place for a lounge, isn’t it?

  • A new wardrobe

source: pinterest

Perhaps you’ve got all the rooms you need, but it’s your clothes that need special treatment. So, why not change your old loft into a wardrobe? While the slanted roofs may be hard to walk around under, they lend themselves greatly to hanging clothes or stacking shoe cupboards. Add in a small couch, a mirror, and voila! Living it large, Sex and the City-style!

  • A spacious living space

source: pinterest

Following up on the idea in point one – there’s no reason you should stop on just one wall. How about replacing your entire roof space with windows? Take a look at this project and how bright the whole room is. Thanks to the abundance of windows and very light furniture, the old loft was transformed into a spacious, inviting living room area that can easily replace the one you have downstairs. Or maybe you’re looking for a place to hide from everyone else? Whatever the case, this is an example of how far you can go with your loft conversion ideas – the sky’s the limit!