loft conversion & renovation in Wimbledon area


We have recently refurbished a two-bedroom apartment in the Wimbledon area. Having bought it earlier this year, the owner thought the place needed an additional touch of style and some nice decor.

We tested the electrical and central heating systems to determine their condition. As it turned out, they weren’t in bad shape, and all we needed to do was fix the boiler and power-flush the central heating system. However, the look of the radiators wasn’t what we were looking for, so we decided to replace them with a more stylish variant. The fuse board also required an upgrade, and the kitchen needed a solid rewiring and earthing to meet modern standards. Additionally, we’ve replaced all lights with fire-themed recessed down lighters and changed the faces plates of all sockets and switches.

After that, we moved on to the floors. We decided to employ engineered oak boards and this has really helped improve the look of the apartment. Then, we proceeded to completely scrape, redesign, and refit the bathroom and kitchen. The stairs were fitted with a very stylish carpet runner. The living room, on the other hand, was accessories with two recessed alcove cupboards and one tall storage cupboard was added to the hallway.

After completely redecorating the entire property, we left it clean and tidy, ready for our client to move in right away.

Happy Client Testimonial

Our apartment has gained a lot of value thanks to recent renovation!


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