Notting Hill Flat Refurbishment

This project was not an easy one. We were working in a private residential building with lots of regulations and roles making our job particularly hard. Our working hours were limited and access to common parts was partly restricted. Luckily, over the cours of 8 weeks we managed to not upset any of the residents. In that time, we managed to fully refit both bathrooms, turning them into wet rooms. The layout of the walls was changed. The kitchen wall was stormed and an opening  was formed to add access to the dining area straight from the kitchen. The large living room was divided to create a living space that was separate from the dining area. In order to do so, we built a partition wall with book shelves on the living room side, and a painted finish with a storage cupboard on the dining room side, finishing that up with sliding doors to save on space and conceal the wall. The apartment was completely rewired, the bathrooms fitted with bright LED spotlights, the kitchen with more lighting and a larger amount of sockets. All floors were refitted with new engendered oak boards. The squeaky chipboard sub-floor also needed to be repaired and made solid. The project was completed within an 8-week schedule and within the established budget. Our client was very happy with the results, as evidenced by Hayati’s testimonial.

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