Balham External Painting & Decorating


This project involved a complete redecorating of a property located in the Balham area. The refurbishment involved changing elements of both the interior and the exterior. For the external walls, as they were not in the best of shapes, we decided to  repaint them completely in the front and back. The windows also needed a thorough repair and in order to carry that out, we used solid resin wood. With this system in place, the windows are guaranteed to look good and stay together for very long.

All of the gutters and masonry work also needed a complete overhaul, so we replaced them with a more solid and better looking variant. For the duration of our project, we eased all the doors and windows. This was done so that they would remain fully operational even after all the work was completed.

With a full-height scaffolding in place, we proceeded to redo some of the painting and make several small roof repairs. The end result was a house that not only looked much better, but was also much more solid, much to the joy of our clients.

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