Do loft conversions add value to a property?

  • 03 Aug 2017
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Every homeowner thinks about adding value to their property once in a while, especially if they’re thinking of selling the house. Everybody wants to get the best price, preferably without being forced to invest too much. Still don’t know what to do? Getting a loft conversion might be the right choice if you want to add value.

Does it really change anything?

Well, yes, it does! According to The Guardian, loft conversion can increase the value of your house by up to 22%, which is around £42,700. Adding a double bedroom can increase the value of your house by over 10%. Everything depends on the size of the house, number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Even the way you want to add value to your house is important – having a loft conversion in a busy urban area is potentially a bad idea, because a garage could be more important to your potential buyer. Also, rethink the way your conversion should be done – perhaps taking off layers of floor will reveal an additional old level that, when renovated, could be worth more. The same goes for old bricks on walls that were, for example, covered up with insulation. Adding some under-floor heating or high-pressure showers will only increase the place’s value. So, it is better to think the conversion through and see if it actually has the potential to be useful for next owner of the house. Also, just think about it – on top of being useful for a potential buyer, it can simply add much more space to your current living area. That is why converting your loft into a spacious, flexible living space is such a good idea. What does your family lack in the house? A study, gym, additional bedroom or living room? You can have it all without needing to dig into your basement.

How to make a conversion happen?

It is a big step to make. You have to plan your budget, get to know if the conversion is even possible, as well as check the current regulations. Keep in mind that you need to let your insurance company know about any work that is done. Otherwise, this could potentially lead to higher costs. Not to mention making sure that the conversion fits the style of the rest of the house! This part is crucial in terms of adding value. But don’t worry – there are plenty of companies around willing to help with those steps, and we are one of them! Step by step, we can take care of the whole process while keeping you updated at all times!