Bedroom Loft Conversion Ideas

  • 20 Oct 2017
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Ideas for bedroom loft conversion

So you’ve decided to get a loft conversion. Excellent choice – your loft is probably unused at the moment anyway, and you can never go wrong with an additional usable space in your home. There are plenty of options when it comes to what room you want your loft to be – but a bedroom might just be the best idea for it.

Still, there’s no one way to handle a bedroom. Even if it’s in your loft, there are still a ton of options to consider. While ultimately, the only limit is your imaginations, here are a couple things you should keep in mind when coming up with ideas for bedroom loft conversions.

Conserve space

Lofts tend to be a little cramped by definition. No matter what you do to visually increase the amount of space in it, you’ll have little space to work with. A bedroom may not demand a lot of space, but there are a couple clever things you can do to maximise the space that you do need. Consider a customised bedroom that will take full advantage of your sloped ceilings. This doesn’t apply just to wardrobes – make sure all of your shelves and other storage units also fit right into the space you have available. If it’s floor room that you’re lacking, how about doing without a staircase altogether and installing a ladder instead? Nowadays, it’s easy to come across a sturdy, retractable ladder that will do its job in a safe, reliable manner.

Make the most of your view and light

If you place your bed under the sloped ceiling, this will help you maximise space, and this in turn will make the view from your windows more visible. This is especially helpful if you have smaller windows. To further increase the amount of light coming into your room, maintain a bright colour pallet. Want even more light? Consider adding skylights or dormer windows. Not only will they enhance the lighting in your room during the day, they’ll let you appreciate the view as well. With a skylight over your bed, you can sleep under the stars in your own home.

The details make all the difference

The loft is a unique space – embrace that uniqueness to craft a bedroom that really stands out! For example, you can expose the brickwork on one of your walls for a nice, stylish look. If that’s not feasible due to the condition of the bricks, consider an eye-catching wallpaper with a unique pattern. Add wooden beams to your slanted roof or expose the ones that are already there to create a nice, rustic area that’s the perfect choice for a bedroom. Don’t be afraid to experiment – be creative and turn the potential setbacks of a loft bedroom into a desirable feature.