Hot arrangement trends coming up in 2018

  • 20 Feb 2018
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2017 has come and gone, and along with it, so have last year’s trends. It’s time to turn our heads to the future and brace ourselves for the trends that are yet to come. While it’s certainly not mandatory to always make sure that your home is in line with what the powers that be have deemed fashionable, it can never hurt to look at the general predictions. Here are some general trends to look out for in 2018.


This is less of a change and more of a gradual evolution to an existing trends. 2018 is set to continue the general trend of implementing lighter, balanced tone for an overall peaceful aesthetic throughout the home. So lots of beige, brown, grey, and wood are definitely a good choice if you want to keep up with that. British homes in particular have seen an increase in the use of whites, pastels, as well as very soft textures that make the home feel much more cosy and welcoming. So if you’re thinking of clashing it up with some bright colours, this might not be the best season for it.


Lamps are out, sunlight is in! Yes, this year we’ll see an even greater emphasis on natural sunlight. Window refurbishments and restorations are going to be a key thing this upcoming year as more and more people put greater emphasis on the light and warmth they can get just by letting more of it through their windows. This will in turn also influence external decor, as well as communal rooms in blocks of flats.


The trends seems to be that interiors are becoming lighter and airier, and so the space our homes have on offer is also set to be expanded, or at least capitalised on. In 2018, we’ll see a continuation of the “open-plan” living space concept, as more and more solutions become available that implement ground-breaking design and storage solutions that help make the homes appear more spacious without losing any precious storage space. “Uncluttered” is the key word that will be dictating what 2018 look like.


2018 in the UK is the year when house exteriors are set to undergo an overhaul. There has been a substantial increased in external refurbishment projects. Door and window frames are set to be restored left and right, with external walls and overgrown gardens being next in line. Time to really make the outside look as good as the inside!